32,77 € to ship a Buddha to the USA?

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  • Yes, it's UPS express. You'll have it in two days. We stopped using registered mail, because we lost too much money: Transit times are way longer than PayPal requires to settle a dispute. So we lost the money, and the goods, as PayPal would not re-open a case when the goods have been successfully delivered.

  • Isn't there another method to ship to the US? Paying half of what the item costs for postage isn't cost effective,

    Amigastore.eu charged under $30USD to get a Furia to me within a week via DHL.


  • DHL won't guarantee that it's only a week. Sorry, I will only go with a premium service like UPS if you pay with PayPal (and pretty much all Americans use PayPal). I have explained it a lot of times, but here's a string of events that happened too often:

    • customer orders, pays
    • we ship, provide tracking
    • customer gets impatient, opens PayPal case
    • we provide tracking to PayPal, file an insurance claim with shipping company
    • shipping company looks at terms&conditions, allows 8 weeks for "investigation" (yes, DHL has that, too)
    • PayPal sees that item didn't arrive in their required conflict resolution time, takes money away from iComp and charges conflict fee on top
    • PayPal closes the case with no chance of re-opening, because they see it as "resolved"
    • weeks later, the item arrives at the customer's site, and shipping company refuses to pay out insurance

    As a result, iComp loses the goods, shipping, a conflict fee and lots of paperwork time. Needless to say that I have no interest in buying a lottery ticket to a lawsuit against said customers, who now just say "come and pick it up here, I don't want it any more!" (probably happily using the items).

    You may know that iComp is my hobby. I'm not making any money, but I choose to work for the retro community. I even pumped private money into iComp in 2021, which has not been necessary yet in 2022. However, I don't like losing money in the way described above. I don't *need* to sell, but when I do, I want to make sure that you get your goods in due time, and in proper shape.

    Easiest thing for you might be to organize a group buy to lower shipping a little.

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