Cutting "tail end" of a Keyrah

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  • Greetings. I have a question I’m hoping someone could help provide an answer to.

    My Project64 uses a Pi2 running BMC64. The original 64 keyboard connects to the system via a Keyrah v2 interface.

    However, I find myself a little pressed for space inside the case housing. On the Keyrah, there is a “tail” part with what looks like a header connection for C16 / Plus 4 operation. To the best of your knowledge, can I cut off and discard this portion that I’m not using?

    I can’t see any tracks that connect it back to the main board and there is an actual cutline that says “cut here for non C64 use”.

    Can anyone advise if this portion can be cut off and the interface will still function correctly?

  • Jens should confirm this, IIRC this part of the PCB can be cutoff and used to create an adapter for some keyboard (i forgot which)

    Jens this info should probably go into the WIKI ;)