ACA1234 and Zorro 2/IV bus-boards

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  • Is this card Zorro friendly? Previous one (black PCB) was not whereas red cards have been working flawlesly with those bus-boards.

  • Previous one (black PCB) was not

    Hmm... just read the documentation and you'll know that it works with ACA1233n. Please do your research first before you spread misinformation.

    I haven't tried this with an ACA1234 yet, but I do expect jumper settings to be equal, as the config-access itself is not visible to the host computer on both cards. So although the ACA1234 will map in two cards (one Z3 and one Z2 card), the Z2 (and fast-Z2) cards will automatically come after that, as any access to $e8.0000 will only be made visible to the host computer if all autoconfiguration has been completed locally. Proven on ACA500plus, so very likely to work just fine with the Z-IV board.

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