P96 3.1.1 Bug Report | AmigaOS 3.2 | English_british breaks installer

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  • On a WinUAE (v4.4.0) A4000, during the installation of P96 (v3.1.1) the installation gets stuck in a loop after I select "No" when it asks me to read the manual. In the installation window, it looks like the percentage complete values are looping in a cycle.

    If I press escape and abort then the log file is thousands of lines long and looks to be a cycle of the installation questions, which I never see on-screen as it doesn't get to that point.

    I believe that the issue is caused by me having installed AmigaOS 3.2 with the English_british language, AND having English_british as my preferred language under [Workbench > Prefs > Locale]. If I clear the "Preferred Languages" list then P96 installs okay. Please can this be fixed in the next available version of P96?

    Working Local Preferences:

    [Country] United Kingdom

    [Preferred Languages] None listed.

    [Time Zome] GMT

    Non-Working Local Preferences:

    [Country] United Kingdom

    [Preferred Languages] English_british.

    [Time Zome] GMT

    In case it's relevant, I have the keyboard set to British under [Workbench > Prefs > Input].


  • Please see link, which expires in a month and contains the log, screenshots and short clip of what happens at the point of selecting "No" when asked to read the manual. The log file is close to 27 thousand lines in length. Hope that helps?