Chameleon Core update 9h released

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  • Hy fellow Chameleon owners!

    It has been a while - admittedly longer than we planned - but finally we made it. This core update is the first step to the release of the updated chameleon hardware, which our crew is busy producing right now and should be available in the shop real soon. This update already contains the core for the new hardware, and the tools are updated to work with it. Updated documentation for FPGA developers will follow when peter cleaned it all up. After that we'll go back to fix some remaining bugs. The end (of beta) is near! :)

    The changes in details:

    As usual get the update on the Chameleon wiki page.

    Have fun!

  • The public fpga_examples repository has been updated with the latest Chameleon v2 support files.

    The repository can be found here

    And as Tobias already mentioned the corresponding documentation, "the core developers manual" (chameleon_coredev) is currently being updated and should become available in a couple of days.

  • I got an error message on the website when I was going to download the Linux chaco ! Security warning about an expired certificate ?
    But I guess this is not important ?