Indivision signals needed from Lisa

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  • Hi,

    I would like to make an adaptor board for the Indivision for my A1200+ board...
    Would it be possible to get a list of signals that are needed on the Lisa PLCC socket to make Indivision work?
    I guess Pixel-clock and the 24bit pixel data, but anything else? Like RGA and DRD signals to extract the sync signals?

    Many thanks,

    Jeroen Vandezande

  • I strongly advise to not to attempt this. You're already close mentioning RGA and data signals, and since we also need to run a PLL off the clocks, which needs to run in sync with CCK, all timings are extremely tight. The second you're adding capacitance to a signal, it'll run out of sync, and you'll get all kinds of errors.

    For "to make Indivision work", you really need to sit directly on top of the Lisa chip. Anything else is a hit-and-miss, with a 99% chance of a "miss".

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