CA-PSU Voltages?

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  • Hi Jens,

    I did a voltage test (no load) on my CA-PSU and while the +12V & +5V rails look to be good, the -12V rail seems to be a little low. Is this normal or within spec for the -12V rail? should it not be as close to -12V as possible?

    12v = 12.27

    -12v = -8.50

    5v = 5.059

  • The negative voltage is only accurate with a minimum load on 5V. Measuring without load doesn't make sense at all, as the cable drop compensation will only work properly with a few hundred mA of load, which even a vanilla A500 will exceed.

  • I doubt that you can power a floppy drive with a 5-pin square connector. Just plug it to an Amiga and see that everything works fine. All units have passed single-unit-testing here.

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