When will the C64C Cases be shipped?

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  • when the C64C Case will be shipped if I ordered one (replacing my Lego based one with one of these) - I have a 250407 inside a Lego case which will soon be for another revision board.

    so I'm not sure how I can get a Clear C64C case I been waiting for so long to order and wanna know when the stock will be made so I can order one later on.

  • Just select the clear one in the shop and order it. Whatever is available in the shop will be shipped within a few days unless the description explicitly says something different.

  • The display at the top of the product description is real-time: If it shows a green "available for immediate delivery", then it's in stock and will be shipped same-day if you order+pay on a working day, and if you order during a weekend, it will be shipped on Monday.

    Our shop may be different from most other shops in that regard. It is actually aware of resources being finite. It's a shame that this makes us special.

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