Image off center when loading game.

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  • I've managed with the config tool, to get a nice image. There is still black space around the image/workbench, as it doesn't fill the screen entirely. I've tried to correct it, but that caused a lot of headache, so I'm fine as it is now.

    It is centered. That's with workbench and at startup with kickstart.

    When I load up a game, the screen replaces itself to the right. So it isn't centered anymore. I've tried several games, it happens with all of them.

    What's going on here? Can it be corrected?

    Or is it, what it is 🤷🏻‍♂️

    Also the actual size of the screen of the game is quite small, in comparison to the TV. I guess that's normal, or is there a way of correcting that as well?

    I've added a picture as example.

    Thanks, Koen

  • Indivisino ECS V2 stores it's settings "per screen mode". The screen mode is shown in the OSD when it changes. So you may have a different screen mode chosen on WB compared to that game, and the flicker fixer chooses a different config - which is exactly right.

    Indivision ECS V2 has a scaler, so the picture can indeed be set to fill the screen. However, only the config tool can do that, and the config tool never knows what a game will change on chip register settings, so it's a bit of "back&forth" between the game and WB to get it configured.

    We did tackle this problem with the new AGA flicker fixer, but it's not viable to port the "live config" feature back to Indivision ECS V2 - two reasons: The FPGA does not have the required resources and there is no connection to the keyboard/mouse button.

    The picture you're showing is not very high. It may be that the game in question outputs NTSC, and if you were on PAL resolution during configuration, you already have the explanation :-)

  • Thanks for the explanation!

    Makes a lot of sense now. Though it keeps difficult matter for me. Scaler, flickr fixer, screen modes.

    I think I can figure it out now and tinker with it some more. And I guess you're right as well about the pal res and the output of the game.

    Many thanks!

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