Internal cooling fan

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  • I would like to install 40mm x 10mm a cooling fan (or maybe two) in the breadbin case. I have two 5V 0.1A fans and am looking for the best spot to connect (solder) the fan connector for power. Any suggestions?

    Alternatively, I could use 12V fans. Where is the best location to take 12V from?


    Ich habe es vor ein (oder vielleicht zwei) 40mm x 10mm 5V Lüfter in die C64 (Brotkasten) zu installieren. Wo can man 5V 0.1A oder 12V, 0.05A am bested entnehmen? 5V wäre besser.


  • Well, I am not as bright as I thought. Could you, please, help me find the output caps? (I did find the 5V regulator unit, though.)
    Also, my IEC chip spot (CN4b) is empty and found 5V between ground and the pin opposed to it. Is that an OK place to solder on the fan connector? What is the IEC for?

    Thank you Jens!

  • If you don't see the output caps, then it might really be better to take VCC/GND from the CN4b connector. I've put that on the board for people who want to use an adapted/internal version of SD2IEC, but that didn't see the light of day (yet?). So you're free to re-purpose the solder spots for your fans.

  • I worked like a charm, thank you Jens!

    1. Soldered a female 2-pin connector (Black to Ground, Red to 5V) to the open CN4b connector on the bottom side of the MK2 board with short (ca 10mm) vires. The connector, of course is on the top of the board.

    2. Spliced two 40mmX40mmX10mm fans (as quiet I as I could find - Amazon) to the male end of the 2 pin connector adjusting the cable length to be loose, but not too long. Soldered the joins and applied matching color heat shrink tubing.

    3. Bought 15mm long nylon bolts with nuts (Amazon) and placed them on the four openings on the fans.

    4. Applied superglue to the bolt end of the nylon bolts and glued them in the bred bin case under the vent slots. This way you get the spacing correctly and can remove the fans by removing the nylon nuts on the inside. They stuck well. :-)

    5. Tested the rig, it turns on with the power switch (as expected). One can hear the fans a bit (but not too bad) and can feel the air blowing outwards, as intended.

    Good luck if you want to replicate.


    Does anyone have experience with the MK2 board in a C64C case? I assume it will fit, but is there anything tricky to consider?


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