Unstable V1: C64C NTSC Cart Mode (Random Glitches and Crashes after update to version G)

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  • I have the package marked as warranty return, or is there a better way?I was going to use DHL Worldwide.

    No matter how you declare, German customs will *always* catch it. In other words: We'll be getting a note to pick it up from customs. One of us will have the fun of taking a 90-minute drive to the customs office and back, just to open the parcel in front of their eyes and making a signature.

    If you were thinking of marking it as a gift or similar, this won't spare us the drive and the paperwork. So you might as well declare it properly, which you already did. There is a field for the value - this *must* be completed, and it should be in line with what you paid. Declaring a lower value does not help - customs will investigate the actual value and they normally start in our web shop. Calling it "defective" does not help, as after repair, it still has the value.

    It's all about statistics in Germany. At times, I get the impression that all the red tape of the world was invented by Germany :-)