P96 V3.1.0 released

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  • The new version of P96 is now available for download to all existing and new customers - just re-download the file from the order history of your user account.

    This version keeps the Amiga-chipset active, even if the focus is on an RTG screen. This gives the appearance of a multi-monitor system, although it is not possible to move windows from one screen to another, like you may know it from more modern systems. To keep the Amiga-screen active, please set tooltype "DISPLAYCHAIN" to "No".

    The Pixel64 driver has been fixed: Older drivers from "random" sources of the internet didn't reserve enough memory for sprites, trashing the mouse pointer, This corrected driver now uses the ateobus.library if it's present - but the driver will also work without this library.

    The CV643D driver has been completely overhauled. This fixes display artefacts in high resolutions, enables all modes in Z-II mode, enables again a 24-bit BGR mode (though no screen dragging there), includes support for a new(!) planar mode, fixes the line drawer, the memory window support, border blanking, allows chip interrupts also in Zorro-II mode and many many other issues. See the history for a complete list of changes (open "spoiler").

    This new version contains a slightly reworked CVIsionPPC driver that fixes minor clipping issues of its accelerated line drawer.

    Development does not stop here! We're planning to include the GBAPII++ driver into the archive, and make palette switching possible for ZZ9000 owners. Unfortunately, both programmers were not ready in time for this release.

  • You can select any graphics card, it really doesnt matter. Just delete it after installation process is finished. The needed monitor driver comes with the SAGA package.

    I just selected the update option in the installer.

  • Hi, Where do you actually purchase and download the current P96 software? I have a Pixel 64 in my recently recapped A1200 Ateo Tower and I need the latest driver for it. Thank you.

  • Our shop will show the P96 software after you're logged in. Please make a user account, otherwise the shop system has no means of delivering the download to you.

  • Curious if it would it be possible to build an inexpensive hardware add-on to accelerate 24bit chunky to planar dynamic-hires or sliced-ham modes for OCS/ECS machines, then have P96 support for such modes? Dynamic-hires and SHAM modes are really nice looking but prohibitively intensive to use for more than just image displays otherwise.

  • That "intensity" comes from RAM and CPU performance, not display hardware. So yes, you could build cheap display hardware, but would still have the problem of the data needing a capable CPU and fast data paths to be used as an everyday-WB-display.

    Kinda like putting an F1 shifter and speedometer to 300km/h into a 40HP car: Won't make it faster.

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