Vertical lines problem

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  • I bought an indivision 1200 mk2cr in december (6TK1R). And I've noticed that I have three vertical lines, one pixel wide, going from top to bottom. One line is about 20% from the left, and red:ish in color. The next one is closer to the middle, yellow in color, and hardly noticeable. And third is on the right side and green. Less noticeable than the red one.

    I'm not that tech savvy that I know what is causing it, so I tried some simple stuff to exclude.

    I checked if it was tied to a resolution, but it's visible on every one I've tried.

    I checked it it made a difference changing monitor, and also from vga to dvi. Still visible.

    I removed the board and cleaned the pins on the lisa chip. Still visible.

    With grey colors, like if you remove the background, you can hardly see it. Only on the white titlebar and a window titlebar.

    I recorded a video with the red line, so you can see how it looks

    Is the board defective? or is it something else?

  • Or, maybe it's nothing. I changed the vertical sync value for the vga resolution to be around 60hz, it was about 63hz, and the lines went away.

  • This looks much like the AGA artefacts that show on SHires/Double-CAS modes if the board requires patches. You can verify this by comparing to the picture seen on a 1084 monitor. Further, such artefacts change with chipset temperature.

  • Could you explain that a little more? What kind of patches do you mean? And I have a 1438s, you mean I should see the lines on that monitor as well? should I put a fan on the lisa chip?

  • The AGA chipset was hardly ever operated at the resolutions that Indivision AGA MK2 can display these days. This means that weaknesses of the S-Hires modes were always there, but people (and mostly Commodore!) did not have monitors to display them.

    Some motherboards and chipset revisions require patches to fix these weaknesses. And yes, if this is the case, you should see these lines on a 1438s monitor as wel.

    If you don't see that vertical line, it's surely the Indivision that's at fault. And that will of course by handled under warranty.

  • I took a photo of it. Left is 1438, right is the flat screen.

    Tried a few different resolutions, but haven't managed to see the vertical lines on the crt. I did see some glitch artifacts on the titlebar one tme, but it wasn't a vertical line like that. More like a spot with random glitchy pixels.

    As I said, three lines. A red, yellow and green line. Spread out evenly on the display.

    When I tweaked a setting in the indivision config, so the frequency match what the specs says the monitor can handle for that particular resolution - the lines aren't visible. Not sure why that is, but.

  • OK, if you're feeding the monitor with a picture frequency that does not match it's specs, you can't expect it to work properly. The way I read your posting, I can consider this solved, now that you've adjusted the output frequency to the specs of your monitor?

  • Yes, as far as I could see, the lines weren't visible after. I noticed it when I tried one of the default settings, and saw it was set to 63hz I think, and then adjusted it down to 60hz. But, great, now I know it's nothing to worry about then.

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