A magnificent PS/2 compatible modern mechanical keyboard compatible with the Chameleon

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  • This fantastic Keyboard was sent to me from WASD Keyboards in California to review for use with retro hardware like the Turbo Chameleon since I needed a modern keyboard which worked both with USB and PS/2. So the guys over at WASD Keyboards flashed this keyb with a version of the firmware that support ps/2 protocol.

    The keyboard operaties incredibly well for the TC and I am also using it for productivity since it's also USB. I got it fancied up in Amiga colours and amiga modifier keys.

    I looked very long to decide if I wanted to use a old ps/2 keyboard for my TC experience or if I would be lucky to have a modern keyboard that supported ps/2 protocol as well, and

    I did find this at in the end. Took me months to source and contact vendors, then finally WASD confirmed their v2.5 firmware was ps/2 protocol compatible. So I want to share

    this with the community so anyone else can also buy it and not having to go thru all the loops which I had to by looksing and testing.

    Here is my review and summary. Hope it helps!

    Look here for the review: https://espenskogblog.wordpres…-keyboard-in-amiga-style/