V2 + A1200 Keyboard - Understanding Limitations

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  • Hello, I'm using a Keyrah V2 along with an A1200 keyboard connecting to a Sum1200 USB -> Amiga adapter and I've noticed a number of quirks that I'm trying to diagnose. Initially, I thought the issues were due to the aging flexi-pcb of the keyboard, but after replacing it the issues still persist. The following is a list of issues that I'm seeing, please let me know if this is due to a design/limitation of the Keyrah so that I can further debug:

    • LAMIGA+LSHIFT+any key in the "ASDF" row will not register. LAMIGA+LSHIFT+key in the other rows DO register. RAMIGA+RSHIFT+any and RAMIGA+LSHIFT+any work
    • Numpad [ and ] do not do anything
    • HELP key sends "7" (I imagine this is due to how the SUM1200 is interpreting the "Insert" key that the wiki says Keyrah sends)
  • The Amiga keyboards normally have the qualifiers (Shift, Alt, Amiga, Control) as completely separate keys, so any qualifier-combination can be used with any key in the standard Matrix.

    Keyrah had to make compromises here: The Qualifiers are *within* the keyboard matrix, possibly causing Ghosting as you experience here.

    As for the other quirks, they are caused by Sum1200, which obviously was not tested with this configuration. I suggest to turn to the maker of that product - Keyrah has been on the market with this exact keyboard layout for over 15 years, so I'd rate it a major oversight to not take it into the testing loop of such a product.

  • Thanks for the info. I did some keylogging on Linux and found that the LAMIGA+LSHIFT+ "asdf" row do not work there either: https://pastebin.com/x9jnabPg

    Forgive me since I do not really know all that much about keymatrix encoding, but from your reply, it seems like it should technically be possible to decode these keycombos with the proper decoding? Do these key combos work on your test setups?

  • These combos are found to be "ghosting" and therefore swallowed. Only a hardware change can improve this. I have already put this on the Todo list for a future version of this product, but there is no way that we can fix it for this version.