A2048 and ACA500

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  • Hi,

    I’ve just received my A2048, modified my A500 Rev 8 and using a ACA500 it says Trapdoor Memory unavailable and it only shows 512KB Chip Mem after booting to WB.

    Using a ACA500Plus everything works as expected, i.e. 2MB Chip Ram is shown.

    Does this mean the A2048 won’t work with the ACA500 but only with the ACA500 Plus or do I miss something?



  • The old ACA500 is at least right in claiming that there is no "trapdoor memory", as that only means that the $c0.0000 area does not have any momory. Still, you can use memory in that space, as the ACA500 puts 1.5M fastmem there.

    I have no explanation for 512k chip ram only. I can only guess that the ChipMap feature has been switched on by error. Please try resetting the settings and see if that changes anything. There are no bug reports of the ACA500 not working with 2M chipram computers, but even if there is no report, there may be a bug in the menu system that only shows if you have saved a profile and then changed your chip ram/trapdoor ram config.

  • Hey Jens,

    ‘thank you very much for the fast response.

    Loading the default settings and reconfigure did the trick.

    Now 2MB Chip is present.

    ‘Great product by the way.