ACE2B Conversion to PAL 8375

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  • Hello, is this 8375 a direct replacement for the NTSC one on the Ace2b ? Or does it need a capacitor at C9 ?

    Its from a UK PAL A500+, which unfortunately had a terminal battery leak.

  • In your case, it's a direct replacement. We deliver ACE2b with both types of Agnus (Vbb and non-Vbb). You're in the lucky positino to have a PAL-non-Vbb Agnus and a non-Vbb Agnus on ACE2b. It'll work, but you'll void your warranty, so you should at least test the unit and wait with your mod until the revocation period is over.

  • Sorry, but that's beyond the scope of normal product support. The solution for this customer is obvious: Just replace the Agnus chip with what you have. Why leave the effortless route?

  • Jens Just a further question on this. I'm hoping to order an ACE2b soon but want it in PAL on a rev5 board. I'm looking for confirmation that isolating pin 41 with electrical tape will be enough to force it into PAL mode ?

  • Thanks Jens, so to be clear, there's no way to force it to startup as PAL, you can only do the switch via the Kickstart boot options or via an ACA500 add-on ? The idea for the pin 41 method I was thinking might work is highlighted by GadgetUK here,

    The reason I want to be clear is that I'd like to keep my A500 rev5 PAL with a KS1.3 setup with newer kickstarts being an optional feature rather than required. And my desk setup doesn't have room for a side-expansion like the ACA500.

    I just want to be clear on what to expect before I make the jump, Thanks Jens

  • Pin#41 only applies to the ECS 1MB Agnus model, not the 2MB model. The only way to switch to a different mode is to write to the Agnus register that tells it to switch to PAL, yes.