MK3 crash

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  • Hello, I received my Mk3 today; I have a problem: My A1200 crashes after a few minutes (or after some seconds). Sometimes it reaches the Workbench screen and I can barely use it for 30 seconds or a couple of minutes, then it turns black, or grey (the same Workbench grey of the background) and finally black. I have to power cycle the Amiga to have it start again. It gives the same problem if I skip the startup-sequence (using the "BIOS" keeping the two mouse button pressed during the computer start) and I just have the empty AmigaDOS window: some seconds and then it crashes.

    The A1200 is stable without the MK3 installed.

    What can I do?

  • Try another PSU, most of these problems are due a bad PSU.

    A1200 Rev2B OS 3.2| SanDisk CF64GB | Blizzard 1230 IV 64MB FPU 68882/50 | Indivision AGA MK3 | CA-PSU | Eizo S1933 | Bose Companion 2 series III

    A500 Rev6A OS 3.2| SanDisk CF16GB | ACA500+ V2 / Blizzard 1230 IV 32MB | Indivision ECS V3 | ACE2b | CA-PSU | Eizo S1933 | Bose Companion 2 series III

    A1200 Rev2B OS3.2.1 | Black Edition | SanDisk CF32GB | Blizzard 1230 IV 32MB FPU 68882/50 | Indivision AGA MK3 | CA-PSU | Eizo S1933

    iAmiga 27" | OS 3.2 FS-UAE | SDD 1 TB | RTG by Picaso96 2560x1440

  • Make sure to verify if a "new PSU" really complies with the three key specifications that Commodore has published. Read our PSU FAQ, which contains warnings about second-source PSUs that have been out there for years causing damage and instability to valuable historic computers, with the vendors ignoring technical facts and specifications.

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