What software to use for Catweasel ISA?

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  • I bought a Catweasel ISA a few years back. I only recently came across a PC with an ISA port, and now want to begin using the Catweasel. I just installed Windows NT4 on the computer, I have read the wiki and it says "the latest Windows drivers" supports it. Please clarify what drivers that is. Does it refer to drivers built in to the most recent Windows versions?

    I have also downloaded CWTOOL archive that contains IMAGETOOL3.EXE, does that work with Catweasel ISA?

    If possible I would prefer to use the Catweasel-connected disk drive like an ordinary Windows device because I was planning to make a small Visual Basic 6.0 program that automatically copies the contents from inserted diskettes. I might consider installing MS-DOS 6.22 and make a batch file to automatically copy everything, if there are no easier options to access files automatically.

    Please advise. Thanks.

  • Use the latest "development snapshot" driver and imagetool from the wiki, those "should" work also with the ISA catweasel (it was never tested because at the time we developed it we neither had any ISA PC nor ISA Catweasel anymore). That said, they were never tested in NT4 either, but "should work" :)

    In MSDOS you will have to use the existing programs (also available on the wiki) or write your own.

    There is no way to access the Catweasel like an ordinary Floppy drive - you'll have to use the driver from within your own program (in windows) or direct register access (in MSDOS)


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