news about new indivision ecs

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  • Indivision ECS V2 is in the works - we've had a developer meeting just yesterday. We plan to go into production in the second half of september, so new units will be back in late october/november. Definitely before Xmas :-)


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  • Is the AGA being updated also, or is Mk2 still the best? (Also, want to make sure it's in stock - none of the usual retailers like Amigakit have it, and don't know when it will be available again?)

  • I will have to make a re-design of the MK2 eventually, but I don't see any need for a change in hardware features. You know what they say: Never change a winning team :-)


  • Can't tell - Indivision ECS V2 is currently undergoing some "feature creep", which will ultimately also make it into the next version of the AGA flicker fixers. There are so many productions ongoing at the moment, I fear that I won't have the time to re-design the AGA version before january.

  • Amiga Kit UK haven't been showing available stock for sometime now.

    Will you be supplying them with stock or you holding off for some reason?

  • Indivision AGA MK2cr is currently not a reseller item. We do have stock, but the available quantity is too small to make a decision "which reseller gets how many units" - no matter how I'd distribute them, I'd have to deal with complaints, as I have learned the hard way in the past.

    I do know that AmigaKit claims that we're not making them any more. This is not right - we will make new ones, but they are not on the (rather long) list of things that we're producing this year.

  • Hi,

    Me and my friend want to order 2 Indivision AGA MK2 for A1200 boards, but in shop it is allowed only to order 1. Is there any way to order 2 boards?



  • I think its great that you're motivation isn't driven by money (which is my assumption), but you are the only supplier of these boards and when they appear on ebay they go for double the original price.

    There's a recent jump in interest in Retro consoles (I've noticed in the UK) and the hurdle most people come across is the connection to a modern TV/monitor. The Playstation2 to HDMI for example is a recent device I believe is selling quite well.

    So I say get your finger out Jens with the ECS version and production of the AGA mk2.

    It's on you this... Your responsible for driving the interest back into to the Amiga, which can only be a good thing right?


  • What are the ideas for the new indivision? Like, would it be worth waiting for instead of buying a mk2cr? One thing I've looked for, is hdmi output.

  • The reason for the requirement of a re-design is that the old FPGA is not available any more - at least not at affordable prices. What changes/improvements there will be is yet to be decided. Note that HDMI normally includes audio, which is not "easily" available on the Lisa chip. Should we decide to include that, it will most likely mean that the MK3 becomes more expensive than the MK2cr.

    Once again, a decision still has to be made. Right now, we're on Indivision ECS V2, which is taking up all resources of Amiga development that iComp has to offer.

  • I do know that AmigaKit claims that we're not making them any more. This is not right - we will make new ones, but they are not on the (rather long) list of things that we're producing this year.

    Not what I said. I said they were out of production and we did not know if any more are being made.

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