Firmware update for early Catweasel Z-II

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  • Hi,

    Is there any firmware update for this ancient version of your Catweasel Z-II (+Buddha) ?

    Individual Computers Catweasel Z-II - Amiga Hardware Database (

    I have a board I bought (probably directly from you) at Computer '97 or '98 in Köln. For some unknown reasons it stopped working something like 15 years ago and was just pulled from my A4000T (less need of it since I got the CSPPC with the better SCSI controller than the built-in)

    I guess the EPROM on my card is the same as on the picture (M27C256B) in the Amiga Hardware Database (not readable on my chip).


  • The eb_final archive contains the latest binary for that controller. And yes, you can use a 32k EPROM in that socket. However, if the controller "just stopped working", you should at least check the early startup menu to see if the autoconfig part still works - it should, even without the EPROM. If you don't see manufacturer ID 4626 in the early startup list, something else is broken, and I wouldn't rate it "worth repairing" unless the floppy controller part is vital to your Amiga.

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