[Bugs] JiffyDos and S-JiffyDos standalone

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  • Hi,

    Since the latest K release JiffyDos and S-JiffyDos is not working in stand alone mode with my 1541-II.

    In cartridge mode it works fine. Previously it worked perfectly in stand alone mode.

    Best Regards,

    DLT/ Xen

  • Tobias

    Changed the title of the thread from “JiffyDos and S-JiffyDos standalone” to “[Bugs] JiffyDos and S-JiffyDos standalone”.
  • Tobias,

    It's a Chameleon v1 with the latest 9m core and Feb 24 2021 menu.

    I use a jiffydos v6.01 rom for the chameleon. The 1541 drive is using a jiffydos rom. (Actually selectable rom normal, jiffy,s-jiffy)

    When I connect the drive in jiffydos to the breakout cable of the chameleon it is not working. When I do a dir charters are different every time I request the dir. Also loading files result in broken loads. with the drive in normal mode it works correct on the breakout iec.

    When I connect the drive directly to the real c64 iec everything (jiffydos, normal) is working correctly with same setup as above.