Original X-Surf hangs during xsurftest

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  • Hello!

    Hope someone can point me in the right direction. I have an original X-Surf card connected to my A4000D. The card is recognized but the test performed by xsurftest always crashes the computer (See attached picture). The same thing happens if I try to start AmiTCP. The computer hangs, no mouse movement at all. A soft reset works but not immediately, it takes a few seconds between Ctrl-A-A and the actual reset.

    I'm using OS 3.9 BB2. The computer has a CyberstormPPC with 060. I'm using Thor's mmu.library and processor libraries if that's relevant.

    My guess is that it is a software problem but I just cannot figure it out. I had it working fine before, but I stored this A4000D for about 2 or 3 years and now that I want to use it again, everything else seems to work, except this.

    Any clue will be much appreciated.


    - Efrén

  • The test program is an engineering tool only, it should not be started on the WB, and after launching it once, the computer should be reset. I don't even know if it's compatible with an 060 CPU, but before we jump to conclusions, please just try it by booting without startup-sequence and launching the test program from the command line that you get there, not launching any other piece of software.

    The X-Surf should be connected to a network. The program will try to send out a packet and see if an IRQ comes from the chip after that's done.

    A lot is already working OK - the memory test passing is a very good sign.

  • Hello Jens. Thanks for your reply

    It is solved now, the card is working fine and I can connect. Here's what happened:

    I did run xsurftest booting with no startup sequence but the same thing happened. Then after a few more resets the computer stopped booting completely. I feared something else was damaged so I took it apart and started testing with just the CPU board. It worked.

    Then I started adding things one by one until I added the X-Surf in the same slot it was before and again, no boot. I changed the X-Surf to a different slot and it booted again. So I added everything else, leaving that slot empty (maybe it is damaged, maybe it was just bad luck. In any case I don't use it) and all is fine now. All expansions working and internet connection reestablished :)

    Thanks for your help!