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  • Hi There

    I was wondering if the Catweasel was usable under Linux? I know floppy support has been removed from many distros but if I am happy re-compiling the mainline kernel can the Catweasel be used?



  • To my knowledge, Catweasel drivers were included in the kernel some time in 1998 or 1999. This is not specifically "floppy", but it's a plain block driver, which can be combined with just about any file system that Linux supports - including FAT and Amiga OFS/FFS. See the Wiki page for the Catweasel - it contains links to Linux stuff as well.

  • No, there never were catweasel drivers in the mainline kernel.

    I stand corrected - it was probably just the release of the drivers in 1998 that generated lots of sales that were really surprising to me until a customer wrote to me that he only learned about the Catweasel because he saw that Linux drivers were available.

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