Connecting Silversurfer limited edition to ISDN-Surfer

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  • Hello,

    I'm using an A4000T, and it doesn't have a clockport. This is why I bought an ISDN-Surfer to be able to connect my Silversurfer Limited Edition to it. However, I can't find the correct orientation of the clockport cable on the Wiki, and I'm afraid of burning the Silversurfer LE. The Silversurfer LE manual states that I need to connect the ribbon cable so that the red marker faces the red glass component. This is clear, but I don't know which way does the ribbon cable connect to the ISDN-Surfer.

    I tried using the 26-pin connector to connect the Silversurfer LE to the ISDN-Surfer, but I couldn't get my software working while doing so. Hence I'd like to try to connect via clockport before contacting the software developer for help.