Indivision ECS V2 image shifting when loading games/demos

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  • After a bit of fiddling I finally got my Indivision ECS V2 to display full screen at 640x480 (hi-res int) while on the workbench. But when I load a game it shifts down and to the right so portions of the screen are off of the display. Seems to happen in every game and demo I load up. I'm assuming it's the default low resolution of the game battling with the vga resolution set by the iECSv2.

    I'm assuming I messed something up in the process of getting the workbench to fill the screen. Any advise on where I can poke about to resolve this? Do I need to lower my workbench res or vga res perhaps?

  • The factory default settings are your friend - and an even better friend is the documentation of the config tool. Tae your time to digest this - it's very powerful and lets you select different output modes for certain input criteria, such as resolution, number of lines and so on. Just the few sentences under point#4 ("basic concepts") will most likely point you to the entry in your config that becomes active when a game is launched.

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