Indivision AGA MK3 3/4 PAL Screen Mode Setup Help

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  • Also posted on EAB:

    I finally have received, installed and configured my AGA MK3 to my liking. I have used two profiles, one for Workbench and the other for games. The only configuration issue I am having is trying to get the 3/4 screen games stretched to take up the whole screen without upsetting the already setup full screen games. In both situations there is 313 pixels per line so I don't know how the config tool can tell the difference between the two modes. Either that or I'm more of a noob that I first thought lmao.

    Agony - set up perfectly.

    Defender of the Crown - would like to stretch vertically.

  • You can set up multiple output modes for the same input mode in the config tool - the way to go would be to make a copy of the mode that you see as "perfect" for Agony, and save that in addition to all others.

    In live config mode, you can press "X" to make the flicker fixer skip the "current" mode and see if there is another one in the list that matches the criteria that you gave it. Since you've made a copy of the "Agony" mode, there is one, which you can then move/stretch in live edit mode. After this has been done, go back to the config tool and save the changes that you've done in live edit mode. These stay stored in the flicker fixer - they survive a reset, but will only survive a power cycle after you have saved the changes to flash with the config tool.

  • I have set up 640x512 PAL HI and 640x512 PAL LO.

    Now I just need to know if there is a convenient way to switch between these similar modes or if it can be automatically done since both modes have 313 pixels per line.

    At the moment I have to know what screen mode a certain game is and put that screen mode at the top of the list or enter live config and press X again (don't bump the mouse arrrgghh!)

  • (There's also a key for pixel perfect scaling if I remember correctly, was that the S?)

    Well, yes, the MK3 only looks at two things to apply a mapping: the number of lines and superhires yes/no. So if you use PAL for your Workbench as well as for your games, the same mapping will be applied and you'll have to use shift-control-tilde X (no mouse movement!) tilde to make a change.

    Another option would be to use a different screen mode for your Workbench. I've experimented with 960x540 PAL superhires as well as a modified Euro36 960x540 resolution. DblPAL (+/-676 x 540) is also a very good resolution for the Workbench.

    (This is all on 1920x1080 or 3840x2160 displays, where 960x540 or at least 540 lines is a good match to the display's resolution at exactly 2 x or 4 x.)

  • Pressing S does scale the picture down to actual pixels.

    I have three modes setup:

    1. 640x512 PAL HI for full screen games

    2. 640x512 PAL LO for 3/4 screen games

    3. 600x600 SuperPlus for workbench

    Workbench is fine, no problems there. I have setup the two PAL modes for different game screen modes but I now realise that the MK3 can't switch between them as they 'appear' the same. Maybe a hotkey that switches between 'like' modes would be the answer on the MK3 (without entering live edit)?

    I have to say that I'm pretty damn impressed with this incarnation of the Indivision, live edit is awesome. It's has also helped me set up my other two ECS MK2 Indivisions better from learning more about the config tool and how the screen modes react.

  • Yeah that works, but a hotkey without entering line edit would be great. As I said before, one bump of the mouse and 'whoop!' there goes your screen. No big deal as X in live edit does the trick, but just would be a nice feature to have a hotkey independent of live mode.

  • Single-hotkey may conflict with other software. We've been contemplating a long time about what key combination to use to activate live config, so there's probably not much we can do. There's no way for us to intercept the keyboard and hide a key press from the Amiga - all we can do is "sniff" the keyboard, no any key you press will also be seen by running software. Our goal was to have a *very* uncommon key combination, so there's very little chance for conflict.

  • I've also had the situation where I bumped the mouse while I only wanted to use the X function. Maybe it would be possible to have a key to go back to the predefined settings? I.e., like an undo for using the mouse to move the visible area.