Huge icons. How do i make WB look better?

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  • Hi!

    I have some questions regarding resolution on my workbench. I have worked long and hard to get my A600 to where it is right now and i am pretty pleased with it. The only thing that bugs me is that i cant seem to get Workbench to look the way i want it. My icons are huge and i wish they where smaller somehow. I have tried a few things in the screenmode settings in prefs and the indivision tool but i am scared to mess things up.

    Im using a 27 inch AOC monitor and in screenmode prefs im using 724x278 in 16 colours to make it fill the whole screen. In the indivision settings program i am running 800x600.

    What am i doing wrong? What settings should i use to make it look better and to get the icons smaller?

  • The obvious solutoin is to increase WB resolution, but on an ECS system (that the A600 is), it goes along not only with reduced colour depth, but also reduced colour resolution.

    What I do see is that your 724x278 screen is non-interlace. You can switch on interlace to double the vertical resolution - this will shrink the icons on the Y-axis and most likely make their aspect ratio more like you want them to be.

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