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  • This is the second request, with the first one being in the German part of this forum. I already stated there that it's possible to port the design to work with the CD32, and I'd like to see other people adding to the request, so I know what priority I can give to such a project. So far, demand appears to be low.

    I'm not saying that this is not going to happen - just that it's probably not going to be this year, as I have too many other construction sites that I'd like to close before I start a new project.

  • would it not just be possible to sell an adapter plug that goes over the end of the square plug ?

    That would add resistance in cables and connectors, that the CA-PSU does not know about. As a result, the pre-compensation of cable losses would not work right, and the CD32 would still get too-low voltage. This defeats the purpose of the cable drop compensation circuit.

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