Indivision MK2 - works fine but not on LG 27UD88

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  • I'm using Amazon Basic DVI to HDMI cable. I get really nice picture on Dell monitor (25' from 2019) but I cannot get a picture on LG 27UD88 - it just displays black screen without any message.

    I have also cheap Chich->HDMI converter and this one works fine in combination: Amiga --chinch--> Converter --HDMI--> LG

    Is there a way to get picute on LG from MK2?

  • Great - thanks, however I really could not find any documentation in there, only installation manual and downloads. Is there more?

    I've installed Config tool version V1.5  (WB 3.1), that allows me to change resolutions and frequency. I was checking different settings and I got black screen. After removing preferences file on SD card I was able to restore Workbench. That would imply, that those settings are applied only to workbench, is this correct? How about playing games? Or menu that appears when you boot amiga and keep holding both mice buttons?

  • You need to check with your monitor's documentation if the output mode is what your monitor accepts. For an output mode ("VGA mode"), you can also test an output mode before saving a setting.

    As for WB vs. games: That's all in the "screen mode": You set an output screen mode per input screen mode. Games mostly use PAL or NTSC, and they hardly ever use interlace. If you run your WB in PAL non-lace, you are setting one output mode for both games and WB. However, if you're using an itnerlace screen or one of the HighGFX modes for WB, you can nicely separate WB and gaming.

    There's not much more documentation, but once you've understood the "output mode is set per input mode" part, it's self-explanatory.

  • I've tried every combination from VGA panel - there is no picute on LG, but everything works fine on Dell. LG does not detect anything, like there is no signal. Maybe this monitor is just not supported.....

  • Maybe it just doesn't like DVI signals on the HDMI input? I'd look through the manual and check if there's a setting in the monitor's menu to tell it that it can also accept a pure DVI signal.