CA-PSU no waittime on A500plus

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  • Hi,

    Today i noticed something with the CA PSU incombination with my amiga 500 plus.

    When i switch off, i can switch it on without the 6 seconds delay.

    On my a1200 this is not possible.

    From a user perspective i dont have any issue working on the machine for hours, so no lockups, or other strange things.

    Just want to check if this can happen or maybe i must have a better look at the amiga?

    My setup

    - Amiga 500 plus (removed batery, no visible damage near the battery)

    - 1 MB chipram expantion

    - ACA500+, one 32 gb CF

    - ACA1233n@40Mhz with mmu no ide speeder

    - RTC connected to ACA1233

    - Indivision ECS v2

    Best regards,


  • I just disconnected everything i dont need to give display, so only the Indi connected

    Then i have to wait again 6 seconds as it should.

    Then i connected device by device and had to wait till i connected the aca1233n

    When disconnceted the aca1233n i have to wait, when connected i can instandly turn it on without waiting

  • I also tested it here, no wait on my A1200.

    A1200; Indivision AGA MK3; Blizzard 1230/4

    A1200 Rev2B OS 3.2| SanDisk CF64GB | Blizzard 1230 IV 64MB FPU 68882/50 | Indivision AGA MK3 | CA-PSU | Eizo S1933 | Bose Companion 2 series III

    A500 Rev6A OS 3.2| SanDisk CF16GB | ACA500+ V2 / Blizzard 1230 IV 32MB | Indivision ECS V3 | ACE2b | CA-PSU | Eizo S1933 | Bose Companion 2 series III

    A1200 Rev2B OS3.2.2 | Black Edition | SanDisk MSD32GB | PistormLite32 | Indivision AGA MK3 | RTG Picaso96 1280x1024| CA-PSU | Eizo S1933

    iAmiga 27" | OS 3.2 FS-UAE | SDD 1 TB | RTG Picaso96 2560x1440

  • The timer is not a "pure timer", but looks at the remaining charge on both the 5V and 12V rails, If both are completely free of charge, there is no danger in applying power again, so that's allowed then. It's designed to be a safety feature, not an annoyance feature :-)

  • It's designed to be a safety feature, not an annoyance feature :-)

    In other words, this can happen and doesnt say ,something is wrong (what was my main concern). Thats good to know!

    And yes, it helps me to be more patient :)

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