Indivision ECS upgrades: HDMI/DVI connectivity?

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  • Hi Jens and everyone else.

    May I please ask if an Indivision ECS with HDMI/DVI connectivity would be feasible to design and manufacture? Since a few days, I'm the owner of a CDTV and having a digital video output straight to the tv would be really nice.

    Thoughts? :)

  • I certenly hope so too, also for the TC64v2.

    This could bring these machines back to the living room again to play games on the big screen like some (if not most) of us did back in the old days.

    At the moment i'm using my a1200 with indi MKIII mostly in the living room to play games, somtimes with the kids, but also with friends from back then :). For this the indi mkIII is realy great!

    Besides, its getting harder now to find a decent VGA monitor. Cant by a decent TV any more with VGA too. It seems to make perfect sence, But afcource, if its possible is a different story..

  • Indivision ECS is mostly aimed at the A500, where I have always tried to keep the cost down as much as possible. While we now have the technology, I know for sure that the ECS version will become considerably more expensive than it currently is. I believe that the "just under 100,- EUR" price tag is what people are willing to pay, and the success of the product is a result of it's competitive price.

    I could think of adding EDID to a new version of Indivision ECS, as that's not adding too much cost. However, HDM! will take the hardware to about the same cost factor as Indivision AGA MK3 (the only thing I could save would be one memory chip for a whopping 40 cents). I don't see how I could justify a flicker fixer to be more expensive than the ACA500plus.

    Chameleon is about the same thought, with the added problem of space constraints inside the cartridge case. Here's where the C64 Reloaded MK3 will save the day, as HDM! is on that feature list.

  • There are really cheap, zero latency adding vga2hdmi converters. With the right settings those should display a picture in 50Hz and 60Hz on any modern Hdmi capable TV. I think it would be worthwhile figure out how to achieve that and be able to recommend a path for an easy upgrade to Hdmi.