Question about RapidRoad

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  • Hi,

    I ordered RapidRoad and impatiently waiting to receive it! I was reading the posts and noticed users having issue and many of the boards broken because of the PSU. I just wanted to make sure that my current PSU will not cause any damage to it.

    My Current System:

    Amiga 1200 REV 10.4 recapped

    Phase 5 Blizzard 1230 MK III Inc 68030@40mhz - 32MB Ram

    Indivision AGA MK3 (waiting for my package!)

    30W PSU Power Supply - custom Cisco (edit: Link to known-bad PSU removed)

    I had to use this PSU cause the original one was 220V UK plug - could find any original 110V U.S. plug so far. When your CA-PSU 110V will be available?

    My other question, is there any list of compatible USB devices such as Wireless Wifi, etc.

    Thank you in advance.

  • That Cisco PSU is a known-bad solution - avoid if you intend to use anything more than a bare Amiga with mass-storage and no other expansions.

    I currently have no delivery date for the 110V version of CA-PSU. However, we have a very promising candidate that might fulfill all the requirements of DoE Level 6 (most vendors claim to do that, but plain don't if you measure). If the German TÜV confirms that, I finally have a solution for 110V/60Hz as well (been searching since February of this year!).

    To my knowledge, not a single wireless Wifi card is supported. Some wired networking cards are supported, there's printer drivers, mass storage and human interface devices, even a "USB rocket launcher" toy driver, sound cards - everything that the Poseidon USB stack supports.

  • I just find an Amiga 500 original PSU listing and also another 110V original PSU, which one is better?

    I want to order ACA1233n-55 in near future, so I guess I need a reliable PSU.

  • The 4.5A model will be good if you exchange the output cap for a new one (low-ESR type or better: Solid polymer). At higher load, you may need to re-adjust the output voltage, as these PSUs doe not have cable drop compensation.

    I developed the 55MHz card with the white 3A unit from an A600, but with only a flicker fixer and a CF card in the computer - nothing else (not even a floppy drive). Turned out that this was "just right", so some headroom sounds like a good idea.