TC64 V2 updating D64 images issues

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  • So on my TC64 V2 I have a few questions with regards to updating D64 images. So I have tried the options to ask if you want to update the image and auto update image. The problem is when I'm playing Pirates! and want to save my game. So I go and save my game inside the game. Then I have to hit the black button to exit to the TC64 menu in order to be asked or auto update the D64 image, or else the save won't stick. Sometimes/quite often when I exit out to the menu and then go back to the game, the game crashes. This is quite annoying. No other way to update the image without going out to the TC64s menu? As far as I remember my SD2IEC would actually save when inside the game, with no need to do anything else.

  • There is no other way, sorry. You dont have to go to the Menu all the time though... just do it once when you want to stop playing, and then save the disk.

    Thanks for the answer. I think sometimes it didn't update the image or crashed as I entered the menu. Will do some more testing. I could always try some other Pirates! images aswell