Cartridge slot expanders

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  • Hey peeps,

    Does anybody know if the Chameleon plays well when used with a cartridge expander?

    The reason I ask is because I wish to use a Datel Midi interface at the same time, wondering if this is possible?


  • The Chameleon is not guaranteed to work in cartridge slot expanders, as most other cartridges are not designed to run in parallel with others on the same bus. Looking at the pictures of the Datel Midi interface that I've found online, it seems like it only puts the 6850 ACIA on one of the IO-select lines and does not provide any extra ROM software. This means that it has the potential to work, provided that you don't have any conflicting cartridge emulation enabled within the Chameleon. It appears to use the $de00 space where Action Replay/Retro Replay/Nordic Power put their register(s), so that should be disabled in the settings of the Chameleon.

    Once again, we're talking about probabilities here, not assured properties. This is not part of the official product support.