quick installation query

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  • AFAIK no Amiga can boot from PCMCIA, only from floppy or internal IDE (A500+, A1200, A600, etc.). Many accelerator cards break the PCMCIA slot, the ACA1221ec however does support it after boot.

  • First of all, please make sure that the computer boots off the CF card without the accelerator installed. If that works, proceed with (re-)installing the accelerator and see if that's really the cause.

    If you are using Kickstart 3.0, you may have a "card takes too long to start" problem: That version of the Kickstart does not wait very long for a harddrive to be ready after power-up. You may be successful with a keyboard reset, but if that does not help, you'll have to go for Kickstart 3.1, which allows a lot more time for a harddrive to spin up (or in this case: For the CF card to initialize after power-up).

  • Running the Cloanto 3.1 roms i bought from Amigakit and workbench is ClassicWB3.1. I took the jumper off and it seems to work ok after a reboot or 2.

    Does anyone know if there are any settings i could change to speed up the boot time.

  • Please understand that we will not do support for "Cloanto 3.1" ROMs; it's a product from a company that is still in business, so please turn to them for support.

  • With the Maprom enabled do I need to do anything else or does the system automatically do it?

    If the MapROM jumper is on, the physical ROMs will automatically be copied into fast RAM, which will be write-protected before the system comes up. So no, nothing else to do!

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