ACA500+ Extended ROM Support

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  • Hi Team,

    Is there any way I can use extended ROM's on the ACA500? I'm hoping I can put the workbench.library back into rom using an extended ROM for Hyperions OS 3.1.4.

    I'm not sure I can actually mash together a 1Mb ROM and have it work.



  • The ACA500plus "alone" can't do it, but all our A1200 accelerators can, and that's supported by the flash software of the ACA500plus.

    You may use the two 64k-blocks at $f0.0000 and $f2.0000 if this shall be "68000-only". Not sure what size the workbench.library actually is and what mechanisms there are for the $f0 extended ROM area - I'm not that much of a software person.

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