New Amiga PSU from iComp?

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  • Hi

    I read a lot about the risks of using original Commodore PSU's as the components tend to wear out, and do not hold specs anymore.

    I would definately buy high quality PSU from iComp it this was produced.... So... When do you start making new PSU's? ;-)



  • I keep telling people to look for PSUs from vendors with a product liability insurance, but it appears like that's not available anywhere.

    I already talked to my agent at the product liability insurance for coverage of power supplies, and we came to the conclusion that our own design is out of the question, as it would require tests and paperwork of well over 40.000,- EUR. So the plan is to make a DC-DC converter that takes 19V or 24V from a laptop PSU and converts it to the voltages that the Amiga requires.

    I can't say when this will be available - might be summer 2019.

  • One of the "A500 PSUs" I bought off eBay is actually a Cisco equipment power brick with the end plug cut off and the square power DIN soldered on. I happen to have a handful of those square power connectors laying about, so I bought another of the Cisco bricks to make a second PSU. They go for about $10-$15, so it's quite a bit more economical than the various aftermarket handmade units that go for $60 to $80.

    This particular brick is 30W, which might not be enough for a machine loaded up with accelerators and whatnot.

    Cisco 1700 power adapter 34-0874-01

  • Such a solution is really going to the low-end of specifications; from what I can see on your picture, the 5V rail will only deliver 3A. I'd have my doubts that the 5V rail is the main regulation rail, as it's just 15W, whereas the 12V rail with 2A is 24W. So my personal expectation is that 12V is the main regulation rail, and 5V is unprecise if 12V is mostly "not loaded", which is the case on an Amiga computer.

    So the best I can say is "beware", although my educated guess is "avoid".

  • Thanks, Jens! (And sorry for placing my post in the wrong sub-forum)
    I understand that designing af PSU from the bottom requires a lot of tests and paperwork, at therefore isn't viable in a small market. A DC-DC converter would be a great alternative :)


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