ACA1233n on A1200 not booting

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  • Channel Z A1200 Rev 1D3

    Commodore PSM-600 power supply

    Gayle reset

    3.1.4 ROM

    64Gb CF on a Rastport right angle adapter

    Tom+ USB mouse adapter

    I have tried a different CBM power supply, cleaned the connectors, and tried pulling the card down .5mm or so to touch a different part of contacts.

  • Commodore PSM-600 power supply

    That's an interesting one - the "mysterious 6.5A" thing that is really hard to find, so I never had a chance to measure that. Would you mind including that in your return shipment with the ACA1233n? If obviously needs service, and since this PSU is 220-240V, I assume you're in Europe? (let's hope it's not downunder...)

  • I'm in the US and the PSU natively rated at 117 VAC.

    As it would add size and weight to the parcel, the added shipping cost during the Pandemic is rather prohibitive, and I've had a significant number of international shipments seriously delayed or outright lost in transit, I'd rather not send the PSU right now.

    If there isn't a rush, I purchased an ACA1233N‐55 from you yesterday, and its been shipped, so once the new accelerator gets here, if it's happy with the other 4.5A CBM PSU, I will check on the current shipping costs and if I can get it insurance and priority shipping, I'll consider sending it back with the ACA1233N-40 if you think that's helpful.

  • Even more interesting, as I thought that the 6.5A-rated PSU was only sold in 230V countries. It may be a configurable chassis then, as the PSU is really rare. I wonder why this PSU is so rare, and it's just out of professional interest, not any urgent thing. I'm just interested in finding out why it was discontinued to fast. I can think of two easy explanations: 1) it was so expensive and high-quality that it was "optimized away" by the controlling dept, or 2) it caused lots of trouble and was discontinued in favour of better-working models.

    All iComp accelerators are fine with the 3A-rated PSUs, even if you have an additional flicker fixer in the computer. However, they should be serviced with new output caps, as ripple will be too high with the original caps after 30+ years.

    Avoid "new offerings" (as found on eBay and Amazon) that do not specify ripple, or that are not covered by a product liability insurance.

    Our PSU solution is in production, but I haven't found a 110V-compatible power brick that complies with the latest efficiency rules that the US have established. A new sample is coming in next month - let's hope that this will comply with DoE Level 6...

  • I wanted to wait for the new ACA1233N-55 to arrived before I sent off the bad Accelerator, It arrived the other day, I installed it, it boots right up, so the A1200 looks good!

    I'm going to ship the bad accelerator shortly, and just want to confirm the address will be the same as the return address on the recent package and the About Page on