ACE2 Availability?

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  • I have 3 A2000s that I use regularly with a group of friends that come over. I find I'm needing 2mb chip memory to run a lot of the (WHDLoad) games. The ACE2 seems to be the best option. Are these going to be available any time soon?

    I have several 8375 chips and PLCC84 socket adapters, so I can build them, if I can buy the boards...

  • The socket adapters are what's scarce - essentially "not available" on the market for affordable prices. There are empty PCBs left (maybe 20 pcs.) that I can sell. The good news about this is that the design does not use any programmable parts, so you can really just "solder and go". Please sent me an e-Mail with your details, so I can make an offer (your personal details don't belong in a public forum!).