Amiga Core with A500 Keyboard

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  • Hi, I have a question regarding the Amiga Core. I have flashed the minimig core to my TC64 V2 and this works, i can load .adf files etc. I am using my TC64 V2 with a docking station, i have 2 questions.

    1. Should a PS2 mouse work with the minimig core, i have a PS2 mouse and it doesnt respond, the pointer on workbench jumps all over the place

    2. I have plugged in an A500 keyboard, both lights stay lit and there is no response from any keys, i've tried another A500 keyboard and i get the same result.

    Are there extra steps i need to take to allow these to work?


  • First of all, please understand that the Amiga core is not covered by official support. It's a community-project, mostly done by Alastair Robinson.

    Last time I tried it, the PS2 mouse worked, so you may just have a mouse that is not compatible with the PS2 implementation in that core.

    AFAIK, the keyboard is only supported as PS2. The Amiga keyboard sends it's scan codes htrough a different channel that needs to be suported by the core. Alastair got a Docking Station V2 lately, but I don't know if he is planning on implementing the Amiga keyboard. It shouldn't be too hard, but again, this is not an iComp project, so you might want to give Alastair an incentive to do that work.