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    I'd be hesitant to publish such a list, as it might be seen as a "promise" that the listed devices really work. We do have software support for Blizzard B1230-IV and B1260 cards, but this does not mean that this is a guaranteed property of the ACA500plus. In fact, we specifically exclude these from regular product support.

    Feel free to maintain such a list on a server that's not associated with iComp.

    I completely understand your hesitations regarding such "list" - especially when it comes to warranty and/or support.

    Personally I'm in love with my ACA500+ and therefore very curious about what can and cannot be done with it when it comes to further expansions. The 1200 cards are sometimes rare and are almost always rather expensive. ;)

    Thanks for your reply.


    You need to make a difference between fastmem and chipmem. The ACA500plus provides fastmem - way more than the 1.5M that you're quoting here. However, it may be that certain games require 1M Chipram, which is possible on the A500 without jumping through too many hoops, but if you hare using WHDload, you have the WB screen occupying part of the chip ram. I assume that the 1.5M requirement is really "1.5M chip ram", which only ACE2 can give you.

    Since you have a Rev.6a and a trapdoor expansion, I expect the standard 3.1-optimized config (F1 in the startup menu) to also give you 1M chip ram (trapdoor expansion will be relocated to $08.0000 in that case, no soldering required). This *should* be good for the vast majority of games.

    Thank you Jens for your answer!

    I'll survive for now. ACE2 will be written on my "todo"-list :D

    Kind regards


    My first thread in this forum - trying to catch up with Amiga 500 that I stopped using 1990/91.

    This question is probably already answered in previous threads, but not to my understanding. So therefore it comes again :rolleyes::

    First of all, my recently purchased ACA500plus is awesome. By far the best purchase I've done to my retro setup.

    When using WHDLOAD I sometimes get a kind of "low memory error" when trying to load games which requires 1,5MB. This is expected since I've only got an factory equipped A500 rev 6A and a 512Kb trapdoor expansion.

    What would be the best and easiest way to expand the memory to run such games?:/

    Thanks for any help

    Kind regards