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    I plan to build an A2000 (new PCB) and adding a Buddha IDE card is a logical step.

    According to available intel, there are multiple revisions of the Buster chip with the first one 318075-01 being known for DMA problems.

    I would like to know what the requirements of the Buddha card are in regard to this matter.

    Does it also work with the -01 Buster revision (without the "tower" fix) or is a -02, -03 revision of the Buster IC mandatory.

    Thank you,


    Hi Jens

    Thank you very much for clear and quick response.

    Just as a side note, my reasons for that question are much simpler ... I intend to build an A500+ from scratch with that new PCB sold by Bob and my scope is to buy only the chips I really need ... for example I will use an Indivision ECS V2 hence no need to buy a Denise chip.

    BTW, the ACA500+ I bought last winter is working flawless on my classic A500.


    Maybe a strange question...

    Has anybody tried it before: since the ACA500+ already includes CPU and ROM's is it mandatory to also have the CPU and ROM chip populated in the Amiga 500 ?

    Simply put, would an Amiga without CPU and Kickstart ROM boot if I use it with an ACA500+ ?

    If nobody has tried or knows answer, I can test it myself by extracting those chips just didn't wanted to do it unless really necessary.