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    I was wondering does your Indivision ECS v2 work with the (in)famous German A2000 rev4 motherboard? On the wiki I see that only limitations are for 4.1 and 4.3 and that one capacitor, but with rev4 the orientation of Denise is different and physically the Indivision would fit. The rev4 is awful in regards with compatibility with different zorro cards and other expansions and this is why I'm asking.



    Even if the ACA2000 would be just a carrier card for ACA12xx's it would be very interesting. Your ACA12xx line of accelerators range from 020 up to 060 with the upcoming cards and I believe this would open lots of possibilities for our lovely A2000's. A2000 040 and 060 accelerators are stupid rare and expensive and the ACA2000 is the cure for this.

    So for our (customers) sake let's hope you get your A2000 fixed and get the inspiration to develop the ACA2000! :)

    Yes I got a little carried away there and I see your point.

    Storage can be done with the Buddha IDE and networking with the X-surf. Rapidroad goes in either one so that's also sorted. (And I have all of those already :) )

    So basically the ACA2000 would have 2 functions: To work as a basic 68k accelerator +Z2 ram like the ACA500Plus, and to work as a "carrier card" for your A1200 accelerators. And being low-cost.

    I'd still buy it in a heartbeat.

    I just HAD to login to comment on this:

    ACA2000 would be an absolutely wonderful addition to your already big range of accelerators, especially if it would be able to host ACA12xx cards like the ACA500 and ACA500Plus do. Maybe the upcoming ACA1240 and 1260 would work on it too!? And maybe ACA2000 would have the easy to use ACA500 menu system, installer, fast CF/IDE and AUX, networking, clockport... *droool*

    I'd buy it in a heartbeat! Just saying. ;)

    Interesting, I will give this a try later today.

    Thanks again!

    Btw, it's a great piece of hardware and so far it has detected everything I have thrown at it: mouse, USB sticks, USB flash card reader, 2,5" USB HDD, USB DVD writer (!) and whatnot. I'll try to find more different USB devices and test them all. ^^

    Hello again!

    I received my Rapidroad this week and the shipping was super fast, thank you!

    Installation of the device into my ACA500Plus went smooth and it's working perfectly. Thank you for creating such great hardware for our Amigas.

    The USB header that came with the unit is a dual port version with the basic 9pin connector. The same one which older PC motherboards use for USB 2.0. Now due to space constraints I'm only able to install a single USB port on my case. I have a single USB port cable with a 5pin connector and it's wired just like the 9pin version, just without the 4pins for the other USB port.

    My question: Am I safe to use this 5pin header cable? Of course making sure I connect it the right way. (Which is easily seen by comparing it to the 9pin one with the same color wires)

    Thanks again!

    Hello Jens,

    And thank you for the quick reply!

    I figured grounding is a good idea and that part of my "problem" is easy to fix.

    What comes to power I figured that's the answer, but never hurts to ask. I am a little bit of a tinkerer, so I'll think of something conserning this. I am using an old modified 200W AT power supply which has free molex connectors so I'll just keep using that.

    Thanks and you can mark this as resolved. :)



    I'm planning on ordering a RapidRoad USB soon to use on my ACA500Plus and I have couple of questions.

    1) Does the rapidroad need to be grounded if used on an ACA500Plus? If it is needed, then would one of the mounting holes in the ACA500Plus be used? Easiest being the one in upper right corner in this picture:…e_production-5a115a8b.jpg

    2) Is power via the floppy molex needed for the RapidRoad? If power cannot be provided that way can an external powered USB hub be used?

    I currently have ACA1221lc attached to the ACA500Plus and according to one of the pictures of ACA1221ec in your shop the molex power can be used from there:…1221_rtc_usb-01b07f17.jpg

    Now I've already ordered a used ACA1232 and going to swap my ACA1221lc to that, but then I lose the floppy power connector. Do I need to find a floppy molex power somewhere, use a powered hub, or am I screwed? :P



    Hey Jens,

    I'll quickly return to this matter to say I have resolved it.

    The button on the bottom of the dismo WAS making a short on the mainboard and I fixed this by adding a small layer of rubber between them.

    Thank you for your help!

    Hey Jens!

    I took another look at the card yesterday evening and it seems the card has taken some physical abuse either from the previous owner or the post office.

    The small PCB that holds the Dismo is slightly tilted to the left and from what I can see at least 1 of the connector pins is NOT making contact with the main PCB. This is propably the reason for the weird behavior and error message?

    Would you say it's safe to try to make the pins make full contact by bending it slightly? Would this solve my issues?

    Thanks again!



    Alright, sounds like I need a steady set of hands for this one, but I will give this a go when I get back home from work.

    And if for some reason this doesn't work I can ship the card to you for repairs? For a price of course.

    Sounds like the button is stuck. The "0_" (with the underscore blinking) is "de-brick mode", only reached when you press and hold the button for multiple seconds without interruption. You should never see that unless you deliberately press and hold the button.

    Thank you for the reply.

    The button is still clickable and it makes a little audible "click" when pressed, but I guess it's possible it's somehow stuck?

    Now how do I unstuck it? :)


    I just received an ACA500Plus purchased second hand from Amibay and at first glance everything looks to be okay, but either there's something wrong with it or the settings are messed up.

    My Amiga 500 (rev5) boots up just fine to the ACA500plus menu and I can change and save settings, but I get a Guru Meditation every time I try to boot to KS3.1. F1 eventually boots to Guru, F7 boots to Guru. Strangely enough, KS1.3 basic configuration boots up just fine.

    More info about my system: A500 rev5, KS1.3, no trapdoor expansion, no floppy drive. Basically a stock A500.

    ACA500Plus ROM v0.110

    At bootup Dismo scrolls through some numbers, but then stops and stays at 0_ with _ flashing all the time. Pressing the button on Dismo does nothing.

    Zorro contacts cleaned and no help.

    Can't update firmware/rom as trying to flash boots....surprise to guru. :(

    Cycling through pages with TAB into "Autoconfig Information" there reads:
    ACA500Plus autoconfig board not found

    Possible cause: your system contains incompatible expansions.

    Warranty: fTydD

    Any and all help is appreciated!