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    Hi everyone from Individual Computers. Finally after a long wait (my package was stuck in New Jersey Distribution Center for more than 2 weeks) I got my Indi MK3. I'm experiencing the same issue "Icon’s, text and background picture are stretched out in height"

    I'm lost and have no idea what the settings do or how to change and apply most of them. I tried reading the manual, online wiki and other post but I'm lost. someone please explain to me in a simple language what steps I need to follow to get a better picture output.

    My main monitor for A1200 : Asus VZ239H-W , I tied with Samsung LC32F397FWNXZA monitor and have the same outcome. I did flash the it with the latest firmware, also change the monitor setting to Full, Overscan so far no luck.

    also I'm not able to change to any other pre set config except for Pre 1280X512 PAL SHires. other modes don't give me the Apply option. Kindly asking for advise.


    Just wanted to know if this accelerator has been modified by a third party or it's in original state from you? I see cables soldering to the board Just wanted to make sure this is normal before buying it.


    I just find an Amiga 500 original PSU listing and also another 110V original PSU, which one is better?

    I want to order ACA1233n-55 in near future, so I guess I need a reliable PSU.


    I ordered RapidRoad and impatiently waiting to receive it! I was reading the posts and noticed users having issue and many of the boards broken because of the PSU. I just wanted to make sure that my current PSU will not cause any damage to it.

    My Current System:

    Amiga 1200 REV 10.4 recapped

    Phase 5 Blizzard 1230 MK III Inc 68030@40mhz - 32MB Ram

    Indivision AGA MK3 (waiting for my package!)

    30W PSU Power Supply - custom Cisco (edit: Link to known-bad PSU removed)

    I had to use this PSU cause the original one was 220V UK plug - could find any original 110V U.S. plug so far. When your CA-PSU 110V will be available?

    My other question, is there any list of compatible USB devices such as Wireless Wifi, etc.

    Thank you in advance.

    I wanted to thank you for quick shipment. I received my tracking number today!

    just couple dumb questions, can I use AmigaKit "FASTIDE A1200 ADAPTER FOR 4XIDE INTERFACE" with Indivision AGA MK3? does Indivision AGA MK3 comes with necessary drivers and softwares on floppy disk or I need to download them?