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    I am just trying to get my monitors native resolution to work on my MK3, but as you can see it causes strange horizontal lines. I have tried different HDMI cables. Currently using a very high quality gold Belkin. I am sure it is something in my settings that must be causing it. I am using HDMI>DVI (no converter or adaptor, all one cable) & have made sure to tick 'pure DVI mode' in the settings. I also tried to set up on another monitor and was getting similar issues at the 1600x1200 edid on that one too (made sure to dl the new edid in the options etc). Not sure what is wrong...

    My main monitor for Amiga is an NEC Multisync LCD2170NX

    FYI I experienced the following issue with my Chinon FZ drive:

    * Drive stopped responding or reading disks with MK3 installed, also had 'sparkling' pixels on the display.

    To fix:

    I re-capped my floppy drive & moved the Mk3 ribbon cable further away from the floppy drive. Seemed to solve the problem. I also slacked off the floppy screws (the two on the outside of the case, under the back end) As having these tight caused friction between the motor spindle and bottom floppy shielding.

    I know MK3 is not to blame here. But for what ever reason I needed to service the floppy after the install.

    Okay I will test the DVI option and check.

    In regards to it not sensing resolution, I am still confused in one regard.

    Upon first installing, default settings, I had no idea what profile was being used for games. As I mentioned, I found out it was using the 800x600 profile as default for games (by looking at the OSD). This part I do not understand, could you elaborate? How did it choose 800x600 profile, why was this the chosen profile. Understanding this fact will help me understand the entire system and how it works (I have read the docs)

    Thank you,


    Hi Jens, JamieV & me just suggested to specify where to find the firmware flash in the docs. Not to change your GUI. This is to reduce the stress of your users, and the stress of yourself when you have to answer questions in the forum. I hope you understand what we mean.

    Dear Icomp,

    Thank you for this device, it is absolutely sensational. The GUI is ok but can be quite confusing.


    * When configuring game resolution settings, I found this process quite confusing -

    - I was not sure what resolution in the GUI related to game resolution, which is something like 320x400? So I loaded some games and noticed that in the indivision watermark area, it would tell me: 800x600 PAL - 800x600 VESA. So I am reading this as: Indivision is sensing the game resolution as 800x600 and is choosing the suitable 800x600 VESA profile?

    - Okay - that doesn't make sense to me, but okay, it thinks games are 800x600. I fine-tune the 800x600 VESA profile to my liking and get all games centered, but VSYNC doesn't work.

    - I experiment by choosing a higher res, 1280x1024 EDID, this works very well and looks even sharper for games. VSYNC also seems to be working.

    - I experiment with my monitor native res, 1600x1200 EDID, but the display cannot sync properly and keeps flashing on and off, although this is from the EDID? Strange.

    So why does the MK3 think the input resolution from games is 800x600, why not 320x240 etc? And is it possible to use my monitor native res of 1600x1200 with VSYNC, with display sync properly.

    Monitor is: NEC 2090UXi, using HDMI>DVI.


    As feedback for developers I also suffered some frustration as I had no idea how to flash the firmware in the GUI. I used the shell method instead, which was a little more scary but worked. No where is there a mention of right click menu in the docs, it would have saved me some stress :)

    But overall thank you all for your hard work, I am exceptionally pleased and Icomp has never let me down (fairly new to Amigas, have 1233n Accel and now agamk3)

    Hi there,

    I recently got myself an aca1233n with 26mhz 030 since the faster variant is not available. If I want to upgrade the CPU, by soldering in a faster chip into the aca1233 will the board detect the cpu speed and run at the faster Mhz?