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    i would have thought 350w is to powerful and will burn itself out running an Amiga.

    Jens, regarding the ACA500+, my mates gonna leave it and stick to the old fashioned floppies. There's no way of telling what causeditt to fail. And you said its beyond economic repair and cheaper to purchase a new one. So he's decided to keep it completely retro.

    Jens, here's a business opportunity for your company. You'd make a killing if you made OEM quality PSUs. After reading up on the mean well PSUs I don't think it will have damaged a stock Amiga 500 with your aca500+ attached. He only used it 4 times in 6 months. I've got one in my 1200 with Amitek Hawk with 40mhz fpu and 8mb ram and it is rock solid.

    So, do you know of any that are up to the job, from an engineering point of view? Because my old PSU (brick) put -18v through my A1200 opamp. All the original psu's are 30 years old now and cannot be trusted. so as far as I can tell we have no option but to use an after market one and this one was recommended to me, I have 2, and I pointed my mate to it who isn't happy now.

    Hi Jens, on my aca1221ec box it states it has a 2 year warranty, does the 2 year warranty not apply to my friends aca500plus? ive tested his card on my ecs500+ which is returning the same error. I have my own psu which runs my blinged up 1200 ok, therefore i think my psu is a good one. Ill test the voltage readings of his psu this week and compare them to mine. Im not sure what you mean by 'reversal of the burden of truth' means, it sounds like its only a 6 month warranty thats provided.

    Hi Jens, my confirmation email was sent on the 7.2.2018 to my old email. I've no way of knowing what board I have because there isn't any of this info on the board, the email is in German and I can't compare the dismo but the card says 2013-2016 on it. There's a warranty sticker on it that says dT29g. I hope this helps.


    Hi, i purchased an aca500plus for a mate. He last used it around nye but having a 7 month old baby and a full time job he hasnt had the time to play on his A500. It has been in his spare room. He tried to play it on wednesday but it kept booting to a green screen with exc36 at the top followed by two banks of hex numbers and E0 on DisMo. I originally set it up and saved his settings to his profile. I went round on saturday to see if i could get it going but nothing i tried worked. I tested two 4gb cf cards and also tried to do a vanilla install on wb3.1 via the card but nothing works. In the tab menu it says MapROM area empty or checksum error. I cleaned the zorro contacts with an eraser and meths but still nothing. So i brought it home and tested it on my A500+ and nothing works other than the GSOD. Its 1 year old approx. Can anyone help?