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    It's in the presets, but overwritten by your current configuration. You can get it by "Restore to Defaults" (and switch back using "Last Saved" if need be. Also remember that you can save your current configuration to a file for later reference). Sorry for the new presets are not automatically merged into your configuration. But the new defaults come with slightly changed positions, so it's probably better to start from the new defaults.

    Selecting a 1280x1024 VGA mode should not truncate an Indivision 640x512 mode, and you should get a requester to notify you in that case. Please let me know if this can be reproduced with the new version.

    It's important to understand that the Indivision mode list is searched from top to bottom, and the first mode that matches the criteria will be used. So if it doesn't select the desired Indivision mode for an Amiga mode, then the list needs to be rearranged, or unwanted modes disabled from it. The primary selection criterion is the number of lines on the screen, so for PAL this is min=286, max=287.

    To find out which mode would be selected for the current Workbench screenmode, use the Settings menu, "Find Mode to be Applied". To find out which mode is currently active, select Settings, "Find Live Mode". These menu items are now explained in the documentation also.

    It's also important to understand that you can edit Indivision modes (and VGA modes) that are not currently being displayed, so on clicking Adjust... a screen is opened with an Amiga mode that is appropriate for testing the respective Indivision mode in the list - but that doesn't mean that this mode will be kept when returning to the Workbench. This is only the case if you edit the Indivision mode that the Workbench is currently running on.

    Also note that the Test Mode field should show an Amiga screenmode that is actually useful for the Indivision mode you are editing. So for PAL this would be a PAL screen. This is editable because it makes sense to be able to test a PAL screen in its variants High Res, Low Res, Laced, but it makes little sense to use for example Multiscan for testing a PAL screen. If in doubt, don't change the Test Mode field.

    See the monitor's horizontal (24-82 KHz) and vertical frequencies (48-76 Hz).

    When you create a VGA mode or copy and change one, make sure that the resulting frequencies are in the range of that monitor.

    Here are some settings that may work for 1680 x 1050 @ 60 Hz

    horz_front_porch: 104

    horz_sync_len: 184

    horz_back_porch: 80

    vert_front_porch: 1

    vert_sync_len: 3

    vert_back_porch: 33