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    I wrote a game for the Amiga a long time ago, in Modula-2, and later converted it to the PC (windows), using Delphi.

    I want to get the original Delphi or Modula-2 code so I can write a smartphone app based on the game. Right now all I have is the Delphi .EXE on Windows.

    I have been told it is possible to get Assembly code from the EXE file, but that would still leave a ton of work to unravel all that.

    I still have the original Amiga disks with the original Modula-2 code I wrote. I have an a500 and an amiga 3000 somewhere. Not sure if I have a monitor or compatible printer.

    What's the easiest way to get that code from those disks? Is there any way to read the contents of the Amiga disk from a PC 3.5" disk drive?

    Thanks for any help!