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Don't Panic. Please wash hands.

    Weirdly, I opened mine up before reading that it was special. Oops. But it worked just fine with a regular torx (can't recall which size) (or was it a Philips, I can't recall) and it closed back up with no issues.

    If someone else finds themselves here, I just had the same issue. But um oops. The shift lock on my C64 on on.

    As it turns out, with a chameleon plugged into a c64, it gets stuck at the "waiting ..." If the shift lock in on.

    Oops. User error

    I finally got another PAL Vic and have the same results.

    I'm guessing the crashing demos is a separate problem at this point.

    Curiously, most of the demos that crash seem to have an error on the SD2IEC box. I swapped SD card with the chameleon just to proove isn't not card or file related. Nope, both card and files work on the chameleon but crash on the reloaded.

    Sadly, all of my other c64s are NTSC but I tried some of the failing demos on one any way.

    Curiously, they crash at what looks like the same point with what looks like an error on SD2IEC.

    I going to assume at this point that the problem is the SD2IEC not playing nicely with the demos rather than the Vic or reloaded board.

    As for the dancing characters at boot, I'm at a loss.

    It really looks like something warms up and then works properly. Weird.

    I'm not terribly bothered by either of these things and will probably just live with it (except maybe get a more accurate 1541 emulator and try the demos again).

    But if you're at all curious about these things I'm glad to investigate further. But I'm happy.

    My reloaded seems to work well but at first boot, I see some video artifacts. The longer it's been powered down, the worse it is.

    Is this a dodgy VIC?

    Watch the letters.....

    I do have a few demos that work fine on the Chameleon but crash on reloaded but demos being what they are, I'm not too bothered.

    I'll have to double check but I think the Vic is an 8565.

    Too bad about the Spectrum..I spoke to the author and whilst he didn't promise he'd work on it he implied that if no one else updated it he would. Oh well, good news that the other person has one as an alternative.

    Fair play about the ZX81 and C128. But I think the ZX81 might be a good goal for myself to try to learn how to this. I write software for a living but hardware is mostly magic to me so it's probably not realistic but i might try.

    After the ZX Spectrum, what I really truly want is the }{gs and the ST. And a finished Vic20 ;)

    What level of CPU is a realistic goal for this? Could it do a 68020 or 030?

    I'd love a Sun3 more than anything else.

    Is there some trick I've missed to get a real C64 Keyboard working when plugged into the docking station?

    I've tried two different, verified working keyboards plugged into the dock and neither do a thing as far as I can tell.

    They're both keyed and seem impossible to plug in the wrong way but not a single key has any response.

    The joystick still works to navigate the menu so I know the chameleon hasn't frozen.

    I know the Vic20 isn't intended to be very well supported but is it possible to load anything in the Vic20 core other than a mega-cart?